Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics

Boston based Opposition Rising are one of the latest additions to the increasingly impressive roster of bands now calling Riot Ska Records home. Despite only forming in December 2010, the band are hardly strangers to the Boston DIY punk scene, featuring members from the legendary Toxic Narcotic and Mouth Sewn Shut, who have been bringing the noise in one form or another, for over twenty years. From the very first track of their debut LP Aftermathematics, its plain these punks haven’t mellowed or grown soft on the system. Gruff angry vocals are bellowed brutally at the mic whilst heavy distorted bass and guitar supply relentless hardcore with a satisfyingly metallic edge. The later songs “Debt Sentence”, which condemns the economic shackles of capitalism, and “Destination Apocalypse” which decries the eschatological farces we have grown so accustomed to in recent years, carry a strong offbeat beneath the heavy distortion and will no doubt be live favourites. The overall tone of the record is one of ruthless social commentary and the band are unafraid to tackle the bigger issues with intelligent lyrics, as well as catchy choruses and their own brand of thoroughly thrashable hardcore. With tours of the US and the UK planned for 2012, Opposition Rising are definitely ones to watch out for this year.

Aftermathematics is available to buy from Riot Ska Records on eerie Swamp Green Vinyl and can also be downloaded for free from the Opposition Rising website.

Their song “The Rich Are Killing The Poor” also recently featured on the recent 22 track Riot Ska compilation Aceh: 10 Days Strong Mixtape, released in support of the 64 punks of Aceh who were unjustly persecuted.

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